Plasma Crystal Opal

A miniature crystal opal sculpture of elegant design, full of flickering yet strong fire. This unique 4ct Ethiopian Opal sculpture is for sale at £350. Only one in stock.


Spinel was not recognised until the 19th century as a separate gem species, it was commonly mistaken for ruby and sapphire.

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Welcome to our Gem and Jewellery store! Enjoy our collection of coloured gems. We specialise in opal but also have spinel, sapphire, garnet, ruby and more.

We love unique gems and unique jewellery designs. Talk to us about creating your bespoke jewel for any stone you see! We select each gemstone individually and get it inspected by the fellow of GEM-A to make sure it is of great quality. We cut and carve our opals. Let us know if you are searching for a particular shape. We only stock natural stones and most of our collection is completely untreated.