Australian Opal

Gem of such beauty it was first thought too good to be real. Enter and explore this amazing realm of colours, shapes and patterns!

Orange Spessartine Garnet

Garnet family member found in all shades between red and yellow. Renowned for vivid orange gems that burn extremely bright. Discover its deep fire for yourself!

Ethiopian Opal

New opal discovery in Ethiopia provides an abundance of stones with exciting patterns in traditionally rare colours. Enjoy our collection of these hand carved gems!


Amazing gem available in almost any colour there is, from classic red to exotic neon blue. Visit to find your favourite hue!

Gem and Jewellery Store

Welcome to our Gem and Jewellery store! Enjoy our collection of coloured gems. We specialise in opal but also have spinel, sapphire, garnet, ruby and more.

We love unique gems and original jewellery designs. Talk to us about creating your bespoke jewel for any stone you see! Our experienced jewellery designers are ready to bring your dream jewel into life. From the most intricate organic designs to modern clean lines. We can deliver any type of accessory you desire, be it an engagement ring, a pendant or a set of earrings. Your order can be manufactured in gold, silver, platinum or one of the more exotic metal choices. We work with the budget you specify at the start or may provide you with an estimate, according to your wishes.

Each gemstone is individually chosen and inspected by the fellow of GEM-A, to make sure it is of great quality. We cut and carve our opals. Let us know if you are searching for a particular shape, type or colour. We only stock natural stones and most of our collection is completely untreated.

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