• Dark Thunder Dark Thunder - Dark Crystal Opal from Lightning Ridge

    Dark Crystal Opal from Lightning Ridge, home of the best and most famous opals in the world. Treat yourself to this amazing stone, full of Chaff like green-blue patterns, with a very unique natural dark webbing from which we named it, running across.

  • Golden Flower Pendant Golden Flower Pendant

    Thai Gold is especially appealing as it contains almost pure gold - 965 parts of 1000 are pure gold, the rest is silver. Unlike gold alloys used in the west it posses rich golden colour that makes it so attractive.

  • Phoenix Feather Phoenix Feather

    A medium dome white crystal body of this stone contains some of the brightest and crispiest patterns we ever witnessed in opals. That pretty much says it all, if you like Weol opals then this stone will give you even more reason for it.

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