About Us

Treasurion is UK based, online coloured gemstone and jewellery dealers and opal cutters. Our gemstones are bought at the source and inspected by qualified gemmologist and Fellow of Gemmological Association of Great Britain. We cooperate with experienced gem cutter located in Hatton Garden area- the heart of London jewellery market to make sure our stones are cut to show their full potential. We never stock synthetics or imitations and normally accept only untreated gems. We do have some, traditionally treated stones, such as heated rubies and sapphires but we do not get involved with those treated in more invasive, modern ways. You can be sure that we always disclose the true nature of the stone you see in our shop. Our opals are hand forged from their natural “rough” state by experienced opal cutter, bringing out the best in every individual piece. Our opals are from two regions- Australia, known for it’s quality for over a century and Ethiopia, a newcomer to the opal market, offering competetive prices and previously unseen rare patterns.
Gemstones are our passion but we are especially fond of opals and believe that every one of them is special and unique and should be cut individually to express it’s beauty. Each stone’s shape and form is chosen depending on the shape of rough material to make you enjoy the best display of its fire.

If you would like to order a finished piece of jewellery or are interested in acquiring an opal you do not see on our site, please contact us and we will be happy to help.