Bespoke Jewellery

Welcome to our bespoke jewellery section. I hope to be your guide in this process of bringing your unique jewel to life.

When you think about creating something special and you’ve already decided on the type of accessory you want, the next question that comes to mind is that of the design itself.

You have a lot to choose from, with many traditional styles, originating in various cultures and epochs, all evolving over time to produce contemporary jewellery designs. I can manufacture both, classic and modern jewels or more organic looking designs, the choice is entirely yours.

We can create your jewellery based on an image. You can also describe to me what you desire and I will do my best to bring it to life. It normally takes just a couple of emails to work out the design that reflects your vision. It is true, it may be faster to buy a piece of jewellery at a store. However, I think that creating your unique jewel and customising it with chosen gems is well worth the time. Especially since bespoke does not automatically mean more expensive but rather, hand-made, unique and arguably of better value to you.

Next, is to choose the type of metal we should use for your piece of bespoke jewellery.

We can work with virtually any type of precious metal there is, be it silver, gold, platinum or even palladium. Each metal has its own unique characteristics and may be better suited for certain types of designs. Some alloys may be too soft or heavy for a particular type of accessory you have in mind or present specific care requirements you would rather avoid. Whatever the case, I will guide you through this process and advise on cost and all other factors.

Choosing the gem, that will be the heart of your design is equally important.

There’s a myriad of possible choices here. I have a few stones displayed here in my online store for you to browse. If you commission a bespoke jewel with me, I will offer you an attractive discount on any of them.

Do not worry if you can’t see the stone you want in my online selection. Through mine offline stock and trusted network of suppliers across the world, I will find the right gem based on your budget, desired colour, and the type of accessory we are crafting.

Gemstones of different types vary in their respective hardness and other properties. That means certain stones are better suited for a protective type of setting, while others are very durable and work well with all types of designs.

Once the design and all other details are agreed, we will send you a deposit invoice for 50% of the order’s total value.

When that is settled, we will begin our work immediately and you will be notified on the progress. Please note your funds will cover the cost of the materials and manufacturing process and I will be unable to issue a refund from that point onward. It usually takes just a couple of weeks to have your designer jewel ready and we generally aim for the waiting period to be no longer than 6 to 8 weeks.

A reward for your patience is that you’ll celebrate the special occasion with a special gift. One that’s unique in its design, has a story to tell and it’s crafted with care and attention to every detail. The very definition of what bespoke jewellery is supposed to be.

So, let’s have a chat about your dream jewel today!

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