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Loose Gemstones

Coloured Gemstones had fascinated people over the centuries. They were very rare and prohibitively expensive, which made them reserved almost entirely for kings and aristocracy. At present day we know more varieties and colours than ever before, also the cutting technique improved, so we can enjoy the best colour and sparkle enchanted in those natural wonders. Supply expanded to provide gems for the wide market but prime natural gemstones are still rare and coveted. While diamond jewellery is universal and can be worn by anybody for all ocassions, it is coloured gemstones that truly let you express yourself to stand out. brings you fine selection of loose gemstones, each chosen individually for its colour, cut and clarity. We provide full description and large, high quality pictures, so you can choose the right gem. Buying loose gemstones gives You the freedom of deciding what kind of jewellery you would wear. It is the first step in bringing your own personalized jewel to life.