Australian Opal

Australian Opals enjoy a well deserved top position on the opal market. The “Down Under” provides a continuous stream of gems since their discovery in XIX century. The quality, pattern range and strength of colours is so good, that Australian opals were thought to be fakes when first brought to Europe. ¬†Opal in Australia formed over a long time period by filling voids and cavites in rock layers. Opal fossils of flora and fauna that inhabited this land a 100 million years ago are also found from time to time.

There are virtually all types of opal mined in Australia:

Black Opal- almost exclusive to the area of Lightning Ridge. Their play of colour is enhanced by the dark body of the stone. They are the most expensive and beautiful opal variety.

White Opal- found everywhere. Mostly known to come from Coober Pedy region.

Crystal Opal- comes from many localities and can be extremely beautiful. Especially when its transparent body creates 3D colour displays.

Boulder Opal- another Aussie speciality from Queensland. This gem is composed of opal veins running within ironstone matrix. The mix of these two can create some spectacular patterns.

Please enjoy this Australian opal selection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you look for special stone you cannot find. We may be able to source it for you.