Garnet forms large family of silicate minerals with some of its species used in jewellery. Garnet gemstone has been known since the Bronze Age, although mostly in its red Pyrope/Almandine variety. Today we know that garnets can come in red, purple, orange, yellow, green, brown, black, iridescent and even blue. Most garnets come from Eastern Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, USA and Burma. Garnet enjoyed wide market expansion in the last century, with 1967 discovery of an attractive Tsavorite Garnet , 1991 Spessartite entering the commercial market, after large deposits discovery in Africa and first examples of colour changing blue garnet being discovered in late 90′. Garnet gemstones you will see here were carefully selected for the best colours we could find, many also had been recut in the UK to reveal their full potential.

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