Sapphire gemstone is a variety of mineral Corundum. With a hardness of 9 it is very durable and beautiful gemstone known since the ancient times. Normally blue, it actually comes in most colours and it’s then commonly referred to as fancy sapphire. If found in red or dark purple it’s called Ruby. Traditional sources include Kashmir, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Eastern Africa, also found in the USA and Australia. Colour described as Cornflower blue is the most desired one among blue sapphires. Padparadscha (light pink-orange) variety is most highly prized among fancy stones. Sapphires were always popular among British monarchy and have prominent position among the Crown jewels. Contemporary examples include Queen Mother, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, who all had Sapphire engagement rings. Please browse selection of our handpicked stones to find Your Royal Gem.

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