Orange Spessartite Garnet Heart 2.7 ct


Lovely vivid orange Spessartite Garnet. This stone is cut very well and it results in high brilliance. Given enough light this gem will look like it’s on fire! There are some inclusions present but but only barely visible to the naked eye. Spessartites like this one have one of the brightest vivid fires of any gem species and present extremely well in jewellery.

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Spessartite is a manganese-aluminium-silicate that belongs to garnet family. The prime quality stones posses lively orange colour and it is not uncommon for them to be eye clean. Spessartites are coloured by trace amounts of manganese which makes them bright orange that can turn to dark red-orange/brown if iron is also present. Current sources include Namibia, its stones considered the best in terms of colour but rarely clean as most have tiny fibrous inclusions that give them hazy look, other notable mining sites are located in Nigeria, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. At the moment there are no known treatments or synthetic stones at the market. Spessartites are quite durable with a hardness of 7.25, safe to put into ultrasonic cleaners as long as there are no liquid inclusions but as with other gems our recommended cleaning methods would rather involve a soft brush and warm water.

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