Purple Rhodolite Cushion Pair 2.2ct


Rhodolite Garnet pair of cushion cut stones. They weigh 1.1ct each and are perfectly matched in terms of colour and size. Would make a great choice for a set of earrings or a matching pair of rings etc. Saturated, medium purple colour, VVS clarity and precise cut make them a premium but still affordable set of gems.

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Rhodolite belongs to garnet family. Composed of mixture of almandite and pyrope it posses a high brilliance. Its colour can vary between pink, violet and red depending on exact chemical composition. At the moment there are no known treatments or synthetic stones at the market. Rhodolites are quite durable with a hardness between 7 and 7.5, safe to put into ultrasonic cleaners as long as there are no liquid inclusions. As with most of gems, our recommended cleaning methods would rather involve warm water and a soft brush.

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