Purple Rhodolite Trillion Selection 3×0.8ct


Set of three Rhodolite Garnets, all are well cut and clean of inclusions to the naked eye.Starting from the left, first two stones are violet but the one in the middle is a bit lighter, the last one on the right is a bit more raspberry purple than others. You could also use all three of them in a hanging necklace design for a barely visible, colour gradation effect. Their colour difference is very small and you do not even see it at a first glimpse. The price given is per one stone, so let us know which one you want when ordering. We are, of course, happy to sell all three in a set

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Rhodolite belongs to garnet family. Composed of mixture of almandite and pyrope it posses a high brilliance. Its colour can vary between pink, violet and red depending on exact chemical composition. At the moment there are no known treatments or synthetic stones at the market. Rhodolites are quite durable with a hardness between 7 and 7.5, safe to put into ultrasonic cleaners as long as there are no liquid inclusions. As with most of gems, our recommended cleaning methods would rather involve warm water and a soft brush.

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