Australian Crystal Opal Oval 0.7ct


Amazing Australian crystal opal, shaped into high dome oval cabochon. This perfect ring stone is composed of natural dark potch backing, on top of which, a thick bar of crystal opal is bursting with colours. This beautiful gem of an opal is shining with multitude of patterns and has plenty of red, which is the rarest colour in Australian opal. As you can see, there are traces of host rock at the sides, near the bottom of the stone but those are absolutely invisible from the top and will detract nothing from the beauty of this gem, once it is mounted in a jewel. Truly unique gem grade opal of superior quality.

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Opal is a composition of silica and certain amount of water, usually up to 10%. Its internal structure was a mystery until the invention of electron microscope, which revealed a lattice like pattern of silica spheres arranged in more or less orderly fashion. That is the case for precious opal which dazzles us with its play of colour, which in turn is created when light gets scattered and waves interfere with each other. There are many varieties of opal with main sources being Australia, Mexico, Brazil and recently Ethiopia.
Opal has amorphous structure and its hardness varies between 5 and 6.5 on a Moh’s Scale. While wearing opal you should generally avoid, hard knocks, abrasion, immersion in liquids other than water ( household chemicals, oils etc.). To clean your opal it’s best to use wet cloth or gently clean it under running water, you should avoid ultrasonic cleaners.
Australian Boulder Opal becomes more and more popular as other opal sources continue to diminish. It can show patterns and colours as strong as the top black opals because the rock matrix gives it a dark background for its fire to shine up against. It is composed of thin opal veins that were originally, empty cracks in Ironstone or other type of rock, where the water could intrude and fill it with silica that over time settled to create a gem known as Australian Boulder Opal.

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