Violetish Blue Tanzanite Oval 4.7 ct


Gorgeous, violetish blue tanzanite cut into 4.7ct oval gem. Well above what you normally can see in a high street jewellery store. In terms of both, its size and quality. In a daylight, this stone is medium inky blue, not too dark and not too light. It changes into violetish blue under incandescent light, that is stronger on the red end of the spectrum. This is normal and desired effect for this gem. A couple of inclusions inside are mostly transparent and don’t detract from the appearance of this gem. Tanzanite of this shape and size can be used to create a truly special jewel.

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Tanzanite is a blue to violet variety of mineral Ziosite.

It belongs to orthorhombic crystal system and was discovered in 1967 in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro which remains the only commercial source to this day. Tanzanite is strongly trichroic while unheated and will appear blue, pink or yellowish depending on orientation of the crystal. Most tanzanites; however, are found in colour which requires improvement through heating that drives the yellow component out. Resulting stones are dichroic blue-violet. This optical property makes a proper orientation of the rough material for cutting very important, to show the best hue facing up. In any case, tanzanite always shows more purple under incandescent light and more blue in a daylight.

Violetish blue is considered the top colour

but the most important pricing factor is actually saturation. There is a huge difference between pale commercial stones and unique, vivid inky gems. Classified as a Type I gemstone tanzanite is expected to be eye-flawless if rated VVS. With a 6.5 hardness, Tanzanite is a bit softer than Quartz that is a common component of dust and soil. It is also relatively brittle so normally used for pendants, earrings or cocktail rings. For cleaning we recommend a soft brush or a cloth and a running water to remove the dirt without causing unnecessary abrasion.

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